Public Transport

Guests can travel to Nkuruba by taxi (ask for a 'private hire'), minibus/matatu (ask for a 'taxi') or motorbike taxi (ask for a 'boda boda' - you will find many around Fort Portal).

Matatus (taxis) leave Fort Portal Mon-Sat from Mpanga Market, heading to Rwaihamba trading centre. Ask to stop at Lake Nkuruba Nature Reserve (at the green gates) before reaching Rwaihamba. 

Travelling by Car

We are only 30 minutes drive from Fort Portal. Guests travelling by car should take the Fort Portal - Kamwenge/Mbarara road. The following directions will guide you onto this road:

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Whether using public transport or private cars, travelling from Kampala or Fort Portal to Lake Nkuruba Nature Reserve & Community Campsite couldn't be any easier.

From Kampala and the east

As the Kampala road reaches Fort Portal town you'll pass the bright orange Mpanga market on your left and come to a T-junction. Turn left, passing the petrol station on your left and Gardens restaurant on your right. Go over the Mpanga river bridge and turn first left (straight after the bridge) on to the Fort Portal - Kamwenge/Mbarara road.

From Queen Elizabeth NP and the south

Follow the main road north through Kasese and on to Fort Portal. Drive straight through Fort Portal going straight through the two main roundabouts. Go down the hill passing the mosque on your left. At the bottom of the hill you'll see Gardens restaurant over the bridge. Before crossing the Mpanga river bridge turn right on to the Fort Portal - Kamwenge/Mbarara road.

From Fort Portal - Kamwenge/Mbarara road

After passing the Mpanga river bridge, follow the road all the way round and up the hill. Continue on the road going straight, passing through a small roundabout. A few minutes after the roundabout you'll come to a Y junction, keep to the left. Follow that road for around 10 minutes, passing by Kiko trading centre, until you reach the junction on the right for the Kassisi/Rwaihamba road, with many signposts on the right, including Lake Nkuruba Nature Reserve. After around 15 more minutes you'll turn a bend and see the green gates welcoming you to Lake Nkuruba Nature Reserve.