We supported seven women to attend commercial passion fruit farming training and have supplied them with land, seedlings and support to start their business.

Ecotourism at Lake Nkuruba Nature Reserve:

Combining Conservation & Community

Lake Nkuruba is one of the few volcanic crater lakes that has retained its biodiversity-rich forest. It is an important forested Nature Reserve outside of the nearby Kibale National Park that supports five primate species. It was established in 1991 as a community based conservation project and our founding principle is to protect this ancient forest and its beautiful and endangered wildlife.

In the past the local community depended upon the forest for firewood and timber but by establishing Lake Nkuruba as a tourist attraction and Nature Reserve, the local community now benefit from the forest in a different way. They gain employment as staff, tourist guides, carpenters and service providers. Their children attend the local, subsidised Nkuruba Community Nursery School, built by LNNR in collaboration with the US Embassy and UNICEF. The youth benefit by entertaining guests with Ugandan cultural dance performances (please ask about booking a performance from Nkuruba Development Youth Group).

In keeping with supporting local farmers and businesses, the majority of food and drink you order while visiting is purchased locally. LNNR also supports training in Income Generation Activities such as bee keeping and hand craft production. These traditional Ugandan hand crafts are on display within the Nature Reserve - please buy some crafts and support our local women.

Our vision is to ensure the conservation of Lake Nkuruba Nature Reserve for future generations. We therefore continue to be committed to the principles of ecotourism; we ensure that tourist revenues benefit the conservation of our Nature Reserve and also improve livelihoods in our local community. Your entry fee helps us to achieve this.

Thank you for your kind support and we hope you enjoy your visit.  

Our Community Committee consists of opinion leaders from our local community. We meet regularly to discuss environmental issues and community needs.

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Over 60 local women have attended training on the business of hand crafts and 'natural dye preparations', supported by LNNR.